In this Inca rite, an offering is given to the Mother Earth as a sign of compensation and reverence for the good harvest and food provided to its people and animals. This rite still endures among the settlers of the Andes.

By this rite, they asked favors of the Mother Earth, like satisfying their necessities of hunger and thirst. So, the Ayni (compensation) was realized through offerings to the Earth in return for the favor.

All of this had to be done in harmony. If something bad happened, it was because this harmony was broken, especially concerning the spiritual aspect. To correct this, the spiritual aspect had to be performed with the assistance of the Mother Earth's Apu, who was considered a living being with necessities of hunger and thirst.

One of the most important deities of the Incas was the moon, called Mama Quilla. It was the sister and wife of the god Inti and accompanied this god in the celestial court as an equal. The moon was the mother of the firmament and the feminine side of the universe. She influenced the seas, plants and fertilization. The Incas built moon calendars and temples dedicated to this deity. One of them is this amazing place located an hour and a half outside of the city of Cusco. You should know this sacred, enigmatic and mysterious place, propitious for meditation and offerings to Mother Earth.

9:00 am. Pick up in hotel and transfer to the Moon Calendar of Killarumiyoc. Meditation and explanation of the meaning and importance of the ceremony of offering to the Earth.

10:30 am. Ceremony.

12:00 pm. Return to Cusco.

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