For the people who need glasses, it is advisable to bring 2 sets and their respective prescriptions. Also, a dental check is recommended for trips of more than two weeks.

The people suffering from chronicle diseases have to include all the medications in their luggage that they usually use (the trip duration must be taken into account). Also, it is very useful to bring a short medical report that includes the nature and peculiars of the disease.

The traveler must be in perfect health before starting a large trip, especially to exotic countries.

Although they may seem excellent precautions, fitness or physical conditioning do not prevent altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is caused when you are exposed to 2,500 m of altitude and can affect you inversely proportional to your age, probably due to the maturity of the nervous system. It is not recommended to use medicament to prevent the altitude sickness, but instead, to adapt to the altitude hypoxia progressively through a process of denominated acclimatization.

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