Tours in Puno

On the shores of the Titicaca Lake...

Located in the Andes at the 3,800 meters (12,400 feet) above sea level, Puno is an attractive city surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. It is the cradle of the Aymara culture and the birthplace of the legendary founders of the Inca Empire.

Puno lies on the shores of the Titicaca Lake, which is the highest navigable lake in the world. The Incas believed that the Empire founder Manco Capac emerged from its waters. Many ethnic groups like the Uros still depend on the resources of the lake for survival. The Uros live on the floating islands that they build with the cane growing on the lake.

The Taquile Island is three and a half hours from Puno by boat. In this place, life has stopped for centuries and weavers still make traditional textiles. At the North of Taquile, there is the island of Amantani, which is famous for its straw woven baskets. To spend a night on one of these islands is an unforgettable and highly recommended experience.

Puno is famous for being the folk capital of Peru. Do whatever is possible to attend at least one of its innumerable folk festivals included in the festivity calendar of Puno. The Virgin of La Candelaria, celebrated in February, is a rich example of the traditional folklore.


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